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Avalanche Education

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For these Avalanche Courses you should bring:

• Beacon, probe and shovel

• Backcountry touring gear (skis, split-board, skins or snow shoes)

• Pack with down jacket, extra layer, gloves, hat and goggles

• Sunglasses and sunscreen

• Water/drink and snacks or lunch

Avalanche Awareness Clinic (1 day)

This course will get you familiar with equipment and the basics of backcountry travel. Cost: $125 per person, minimum of 3 people.


Avalanche Rescue Clinic (1 day)

Refresh and expand your avalanche rescue skills. Beacon search and shoveling techniques should be practiced to achieve the efficiency you will need in case of emergency. Cost: $125 per person, minimum of 3 people.


AIARE Level 1 (3 days)

This course teaches planning and preparation for travel in avalanche terrain, recognition of avalanche terrain, a basic framework for making decisions in avalanche terrain and effective companion rescue technique. Cost: $525 per person, maximum 6 per instructor.


AIARE Level 2 (4 days)

The next step in avalanche education will improve the understanding of avalanche terrain, discuss the development and changing of snowpack over time, teach standard observation guidelines and recording formats for factors that influence or indicate snow stability, familiarize with avalanche release and triggering mechanisms, introduce snow stability analysis and forecasting framework and improve companion rescue skills. Cost: $650 per person, maximum 5 per instructor. Inquire for details.




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